Trying harder with my parenting

With summer vacations over, I have been doing some reflecting and self assessment and I guess I have become a little lazy as a parent.

But I’m not giving up or continuing what has lagged. I’m going to make and work on those things and the areas that need more attention.

Please feel free to share your experiences if you are familiar with these feelings. Maybe we could help each other.

Improve my children’s diet
this is every parent’s priority and it feels like this one just never ends. We will always be concerned about their diets, whether or not they are well hydrated and how much junk food they are consuming. My children for one start their day with fruit and consume the right amount of fruits and vegetable required per day. But my laziness interfered and I stopped experimenting and adding new foods to their diets. This needs work and attention on my behalf.


Do more sports activities with the kids
Kids learn from watching you and as I personally think my lifestyle is plenty healthy, they too find the encouragement to take it outside. They enjoy swimming, cycling and walking which I make a point to accommodate in my schedule. But the thing is we do not play many sports as a family. Let’s just say my wife and I cannot work a bat and a ball. I believe this we need to work on as a family.


Be more organized with homework
We try our level best to give our older child the time, attention, help and concentration she needs to do her homework and keep up pace with her studies. But the younger kids in the house are resourceful and will always find ways to disturb during homework time. Hence, standards have seen a downward slope and over the summer, we are thinking of getting a study desk for our older child which she could use in her room and away from the little ones reach.
Speak more French
I may not speak it or wear it, but I come from a French background and I like to keep in touch with my roots. I used to speak with the kids in French and make sure they learn the language through various means. The older one can find her way around in very basic French but the younger one hasn’t been progressing too well. I have no one but myself to blame since my efforts hit a low. This I need to put on top of the list.

Get those stabilizers off the bike
our area is rather hilly. Riding a bicycle is not the easiest task around here and my children have still not learnt how to ride a bike without stabilizers. We are planning to work on this over the summer so that they can catch up with their friends.

And that’s a wrap. Please do share with me what’s on your list!

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