The Modern Man Expresses Emotions

In the past, parents didn’t constantly remind their children how much they were loved. Speaking about my experiences, I don’t think I am eligible to answer the question because I grew up in a step-family.

Nowadays people believe in expressing their feelings and speaking their mind more often than older generations normally did. It is commonly assumed that mothers love their children more if not unconditionally. Since we are talking about dads, here we will talk numbers and how the modern man is not afraid of expressing their feelings and love towards his offspring.

The survey was carried out by Dove Men+Care among 1450 individuals. This is what the results looked like:

  • 67% of men said they love their children more than their spouse.
  • 66% of men tell their children they love them on a daily basis
  • 16% of men said their fathers never told them they loved them
  • Men are at their most caring at 53 whereas women are most caring at 40

Of those surveyed 38% of men step up and help kids with 10 routine tasks to benefit their family including handling the kids’ bath time (30%), reading bed time stories (35%) and helping in the kitchen (27%).

Based on the survey, Callum Galloway, Brand Manager of Dove Men+Care concluded: : “It is clear to see that the modern definition of ‘masculinity’ has developed over the years with men expressing their emotions and doing more than ever to provide for their family, showing that care does make a man stronger.”

In addition, a woman always appreciates a more emotional and a step up kind of guy. But coming back to the survey, it was conducted on a rather small scale and there is no academic research to back it up. But the end results cannot be ignored. Looks like the men of our time are opening up and paying more attention to family time.

What do you other dads think? Do you agree men of this age are more expressive of their emotions than the previous? Do you make it a point to let your children know they are loved every day? Do you think you love the kids more than your spouse? Please share your thoughts with me!

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