Getting ready for a garden party with Fantastic Services

garden-partyAh, summer garden parties are such a delight. But when you are hosting one, there are a whole lot of things to take care of before the party, mostly grooming the garden. So the party is in a couple of weeks and the garden is in no state. I planted potatoes and sunflowers and mowed the lawn….once!

So safe to say, it is a disaster. Weeding is needed and don’t even get me started on the hedges. So let me just make this clear. I have the kids and a blog and it takes up pretty much all of my day. Naturally I am nervous about the party and decided to hand over the task to Fantastic Services. Life savers, those guys.

Not just gardening but they offer a whole range of services that includes cleaners, builders and pet care takers. It operates from London and the South East mainly but it is now expanding and services are now available in Leeds and Manchester.

Needless to say, we hired them for their gardening services. The men brought their own tools and the job took them four hours. They made wonders happen is an understatement.

Besides the actual work, the company was very responsible overall. They sent an email to remind me of the appointment and a text once the appointment was made. They were supposed to get to my house between 10-11 am but they arrived at 9:50am. Everything was done according to what I had asked for.

The sun had been merciless the day they had come to work. I told them to ask for anything they needed. Three hours in, I went to check on them and asked if they needed anything and one of them said “some water, maybe?” which is when I realized they hadn’t had a drink of water under the scorching sun for three hours.

I got them a jug of water and glasses right away and turned a little red due to my guilt.

When they were done, the hedges were perfectly trimmed, the lawn looked lush and beautiful, the patio was weeded and there were 13 bags of waste. My garden was ready.

Are you thinking about how much they charged me for their services? It cost me £144 but the headache I was saved from was priceless.

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