Christmas Day gift ideas For Men

Christmas is right around the corner, so do you have a plan? Don’t be one of those who excuse themselves saying everyday is Christmas. Your dad is probably expecting something. Not to getting emotional here, so let’s talk about gift ideas to surprise your dad with.

Shaving is every man’s worry and if your dad is fussy about it then here is how you can make that easy. You can gift him a shaving subscription service. You will find packages according to your budget (big or small). If need be, the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Don’t pull a face or discard this idea right away. High-quality socks can make excellent gifts. The London Sock Co. provides a great subscription service and the packaging is quite nice too. Also, the label has good value for money. Subscription starts at £10 a month.

If your dad appreciates something less materialistic and a kind gesture then here is an idea. UNICEF provides Daddy Cool Vaccine Boxes which comes with 10 doses of measles vaccine, 10 doses of polio vaccine and 20 doses of tetanus vaccine. You can’t put a price on a gesture like that but to put a number on it, it costs £16. This box is for developing countries, not your dad (if that wasn’t clear).

We see hundreds of advertisements on women skin care on a daily basis but men skin care is also being focused on nowadays. Moisturizing for men is important too and some do it and a very few accept it. Well, here I am publically accepting it. Summers approaching quick, keeping that in mind you could get your dad a moisturizer with SPF. My personal favorite is the Rehab London Revive Survive, easy on the wallet too.

More mainstream ideas include clothing as a gift. I tried this online store called Repertoire Fashion and it sells some great designer brands. Also, they have excellent discounts and a exchange policy (exchange within 14 days).

If the dad has younger kids then you need a more reasonable and comfortable dressing items. Something that can work for the park or the school. On the website you will find some high-in designer brands too like Vivienne Westwood Man, Emporio Armani and Duchuamp but I would personally opt for a polo shirt and linen shorts.

No matter what you get, at the end of the day what matters most is love. Be sure your gift says ‘I love you Dad’. Have a happy Happy Christmas.

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