freebie_fridayAs another Black Friday is close, everyone is getting ready to scramble for the discounts totaling as much as 70 percent. Of course 70 percent in and of itself is a great discount, however, there’s something even better if you know where to look. “What is that?” you might ask, glad you asked. It’s called 100 percent off. Yep, that’s right, free. You can’t beat free. With all of these great freebies you’ll appreciate the savings. How about free chocolate? Free hot cocoa and even a free burrito. Should you, like many of us, desire to avoid high street, you can also indulge in free golf lessons.

Free Burrito

If you’ve already blown your cash on a new jumper for Christmas and your near London, you can enjoy the extra value on Saturday the 6th or the 13th of December. Simply hop into your favorite branch of Chipotle in your new jumper from 4 to 6 pm and you’ll get a free burrito.

Free Chocolate Coins

Those using have found another great free samples. First sign up for 02 Pirority Moments. Then you cn have 02. Use pay as you go SIMs and there are many other great freebies to offer that you may wish to consider. WHSmith is offering up free chocolate coins as well when you simply download the code on the app and show it to the clerk on your cell phone. A great stocking filler or a good reason to eat more of your favorite chocolate all in the spirit of Christmas.

Free Chocolate Reindeer

Should you be in the mood for something more festive, how about a free four pack of chocolate reindeer from Hotel Chocolate? According to the deal, it runs another ten days however, these are so popular that they often run out early. Get it while you can.

Free Golf Lessons

Free stuff has found free golf lessons as well. The World of Golf is offering these. Limited to four locations in Glasgow, Sidcup, New Malden or Croydon you can enjoy beginner lessons reasonably free. These typically go for £60 so you’re getting a great deal. Excellent to discover if you really enjoy the game for kids and adults alike. Lessons are one hour in length and the instructors are fully qualified. They even provide the golf club. All you pay for is the golf balls.

Free Malibu Hot Cocoa/Chocolate

Las Iguanas is also offering up a freebie of Malibu hot cocoa/chocolate each Saturday until Christmas. You’ll appreciate the break and you can fill out the form online. They send you a voucher and you simply take it with you to the restaurant.