Before I had a wife. . .

There have been thousands of times we appreciate what women do for us. Yes, top of my head I can think of many times I appreciated what all the women in my life do for us but I didn’t fully believe this from the bottom of my heart till I understood the importance of it all after getting married to my beautiful wife. Since the tag Before I had a Husband is trending, I thought I should get in on it too.

So, here it goes. If you are reading this my love, know I mean every word. .

Before I had a wife:

  • Never had I imagined I’d meet anyone special enough to share my life
  • Never did I think someone so special would have my children
  • Never did I think someone would support me in every walk of life
  • Never did I think I could be someone’s constant support and other half
  • I knew but didn’t really know what women go through to bring a child in this world
  • And you did that for ME
  • Never did I know how money, a better job and career could fall meaningless for a family of my own
  • I did not know what to do with my life till I found you
  • Unsure of life, I let myself indulge in the lifestyle not so suitable for a guy in his thirties
  • I need someone who could keep me from the physical stress the doctor warned me about
  • I wanted a constant and family and faith
  • My entertainment was the four channels my medieval television received
  • My house was tidy but my life was incomplete
  • And then you came along and made it look so easy

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