About Us

PeterMums are expressive. Mums are important. Mums make all the sacrifices, with carrying you, giving birth, feeding you and raising you. Nobody is taking away their status here or anything, but just a thought. Don’t dads deserve a little credit too? So here I am, in my 30s and a father of two and I go by the name Peter. Breaking the norm of mummy blogs, I present to you my the Peter Bottomley Diary.

Inspired by my two precious little boys, Ben and Jack. I became a father in 2010 with Ben’s arrival. Overjoyed, my wife Catherine and I happily spent sleepless nights with our bundle of joy. Once he started falling in a routine and he got a little more sleep, I started collecting my thoughts and thus came Diary of The Dad. In 2012, we had Jack and to double our joy, I cam runner up at the Best Baby Blog category at the 2011 (http://www.tots100.co.uk/). Wondering how? I have no idea either!

I love writing and I love my boys, so I write about my boys. When you become a parent, somehow everything is about the children. As they grow, we grow with them and this is all fulfilling. I’m pretty sure Ben and Jack are going to embarrassed by this when they are old enough but as a parent, isn’t that my job?

Hope you like reading it as much as I like writing it. If you are a new parent wondering how you are going to handle this, then don’t worry- we’ll get through this together.